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Education & Technical Assistance

An important part of Housing Nantucket’s community program is education. We regularly held Housing Nantucket meeting with Sec. O'Connella homebuyer education program through the Community School. This nine-hour program covers such topics as buying a home, financing, legal issues, and home maintenance. We are currently writing a grant to support an expanded, year-round education program for landlords, tenants, homebuyers, and those interested in improving their financial health. We have also been working with schools and colleges to develop programs which support housing creation - such as design charettes or local internship programs.

Technical Assistance
Our staff also provides technical assistance programs to inform Nantucket residents about housing solutions for the community. Our staff can meet with your company, organization or government board to discuss affordable housing options and development methods. Topics include - but are not limited to - employer assisted housing, co-housing, 40B development, and green construction techniques. We are also available to answer questions related to rental assistance, foreclosure prevention or other housing related issues.

Technical Assistance to Government Agencies
Housing Nantucket works closely with the Housing Planner, the Planning Board; the Nantucket Planning and Economic Development Commission; and the Board of Selectmen to develop revised bylaws, planned production, Nantucket's Housing Action Planand advocacy of local and state initiatives beneficial to community housing.  Our staff attends a variety of local government meetings to find innovative solutions to provide housing in new developments and through local funding initiatives. Two documents for more information on housing issues come from a 2002 study conducted by John Ryan and Associates. The first is the Housing Needs Assessment and second is its partner, the Housing Needs Action Plan. We work with the Town and concerned citizens to enhance local zoning initiatives that reference community housing, and to ensure that when appropriate units created will be eligible for inclusion on Nantucket's subsidized housing inventory and count towards our Planned Production goal. You may also be interested in this article from Fortune Magazine and this study from 1998 by Jonathan Rose.

Community Housing Bank
Housing Nantucket actively supports the Nantucket Community Housing Bank, which passed at 2003 Annual Town Meeting as Article 78, and is now on file at the State House.  For more details on the Community Housing Bank, see the background info and FAQ. As of August of 2008, the bill had not passed the legislature. The bill will be re-filed in January of 2009.

Executive Order 418 Certification
Nantucket is now EO418 certified for year four, which means the Town of Nantucket has cataloged its affordable housing inventory based on EO418 definitions and has laid out a plan and short-term goal for affordable housing creation. EO418 certification is a pre-requisite for Nantucket's participation in state level grant programs, including the Community Development Block Grant program.

Planned Production
The Town of Nantucket received Department of Housing and Community Development approval for Nantucket's Affordable Housing Plan. Communities with an approved Affordable Housing Plan may request DHCD certification of compliance with their plan by submitting evidence that housing units eligible to be counted in DHCD¹s Subsidized Housing Inventory have been produced in the calendar year totaling at least 3/4 of one percent of the community's year-round housing stock. For Nantucket, the production goal is 30 units. To be counted, the units must have 1) affordability to households with incomes at or below 80% of Nantucket median income; 2) a deed restriction; 3) a regulatory agreement (for monitoring compliance with the restrictions); and 4) fair and open marketing. Once a community is in compliance with its plan, for a twelve-month period the local Zoning Board of Appeals has the ability to deny or approve with modifications any request for a 40B Comprehensive Permit.  

Affordable Housing Plan - Summary Submission  

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Funding for Housing Nantucket comes from public and private grants in addition to generous donations from individual contributors.

Housing Nantucket is grateful to the Community Preservation Committee for providing funding for a variety of projects.