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Housing Development

Key to ensuring that Nantucket has permanent affordable housing is the core value that Housing Nantucket must set the pace for creating housing. For that reason, we have set a goal of creating over 100 new units in the next 5 years.

Using Resources Wisely
Housing Nantucket will continue to construct units on parcels already owned by the organization and actively participate in the Request for Houising Nantucket unit under constructionProposals process for acquiring parcels from the Nantucket Housing Authority and the Town of Nantucket. Key future parcels have been identified as the 2 Fairgrounds Parcel and the Surfside/NHA parcel. Smaller parcels that the organization has targeted include parcels in the Surfside area, the Madaket area, and in the Core Historic District. Existing parcels already slated for construction include 2 Clarendon Road, 3 Norquata Drive, and 11 Monohansett Avenue. The organization will either build or move houses to these sites.

Green Construction
Housing Nantucket will take an extra step to ensure that future housing is constructed in green, sustainable methods. This includes finding ways of lowering the cost for heating and cooling through solar, wind, or A house under constructiongeothermal technologies. Energy efficient insulation and construction techniques that produce limited waste will be incorporated. Read our "Affordable and Green Policy" for more information. Designs will seek to ft into the landscape, rather than stand out against the traditions of Nantucket's architecture. Housing Nantucket's first green building is now underway. Read this article from the Nantucket Independent.

House Recycling
Our highly successful House Recycling Program is a scattered site program that creates affordably year-round rental homes for low and Housing Nantucket & Toscana Corp move a housemoderate income islanders. House recycling is an innovative and cost effective program where private individuals donate unwanted but structurally sound dwellings. The organization then relocates, rehabilitates, and rents affordably, using scattered vacant residential lots provided by the Town and deed-restricted to affordable housing uses. Housing Nantucket has successfully relocated, rehabilitated, maintained, and managed twenty homes since 1996. The recycled homes are set in established neighborhoods, and because every dwelling is different, the homes blend with those around them. Island families who live in our homes can rely on stable, affordable rent, an on-island landlord for management and maintenance, and no risk that they will lose their home because the owner has decided to sell or rent seasonally. For more information, download this brief description on how to donate houses to the NHO

Working with Others
Finally, in finding methods to create housing, Housing Nantucket will also work with other non-profits to create housing solutions. We are committed to working proactively with groups and individuals to ensure that the people of Nantucket continue to have a place to live. We have currently developed a partnership with Habitat for Humanity/Nantucket.


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Funding for Housing Nantucket comes from public and private grants in addition to generous donations from individual contributors.

Housing Nantucket is grateful to the Community Preservation Committee for providing funding for a variety of projects.