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The Nantucket Housing Office (NHO) and the Nantucket Education Trust (NET) are pleased to announce that they have initiated a tentative agreement for the NHO to manage the twelve units of staff housing owned by the NET.  This agreement will allow the NET to focus on public education issues - the core of their mission.  The NHO, a private non-profit which manages twenty-four (24) units of affordable housing, will apply its existing knowledge of property management to this project.  The NET sought out the NHO based on the NHO's extensive background and to provide a professional level of service for NET tenants.  NHO Board of Directors was thrilled with the ability to work proactively with another island non-profit which has created solutions to address the workforce housing issue on Nantucket.  NHO Executive Director Aaron Marcavitch noted that NHO supports organizations that are committed to creating affordable housing and helping achieve the goal of providing housing more easily for the benefit of all Nantucketers. "We are excited about working with NET and finding new and creative ways of solving the housing crisis.  Supporting the school staff is a high priority within the community and the NHO is proud to be able to help in that effort," said Marcavitch.

In addition to this new development, the NHO manages 24 units of affordable housing.  If you are a landlord or renter and have questions about housing management, the NHO will do its best to answer them or refer you to an expert. 

House Recycling
The Nantucket Housing Office's House Recycling Program is a scattered site program that creates affordably year-round rental homes for low and moderate income islanders.

House recycling is an innovative and cost effective program where private individuals donate unwanted but structurally sound dwellings. The Nantucket Housing Office then relocates, rehabilitates, and rents affordably, using scattered vacant residential lots provided by the Town and deed-restricted to affordable housing uses by the Nantucket voters.

We have successfully relocated, rehabilitated, maintained, and managed sixteen homes since 1996. The recycled homes are set in established neighborhoods, and because every dwelling is different, the homes blend with those around them. Island families who live in our homes can rely on stable, affordable rent, an on-island landlord for management and maintenance, and no risk that they will lose their home because the owner has decided to sell or rent seasonally.

For more information, download this brief description on how to donate houses to the NHO.

House Construction
In addition to creating rental opportunities through a house recycling program, the Nantucket Housing Office is also working on creating affordably year-round rental homes for low and moderate income islanders via traditional building methods.

The Housing Office strives to use our land resources as effectively as possible. When a cost/benefit analysis shows that house recycling is not appropriate, a build project may make sense. We have finished a single-family home with an accessory apartment, located on a small residential lot in Tom Nevers. For more details on this project, please see our Dartmouth Cottage Plans. (All plans are copyright Mark Avery, 2005)
NET Staff Housing

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Funding for the Nantucket Housing Office comes from public and private grants as well as individual contributions.
The Nantucket Housing Office is grateful to the Community Preservation Committee for providing start-up funding.