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Rental Services

The most widely known program for Housing Nantucket is the affordable rental program. Working since 1994, we have moved unwanted homes to new sites and created 24 rental units. These units, available to those A rental house from Housing Nantucketearning below 100% of income, are advertised in local newspapers and via the internet. If you would like to sign up for our e-list, which announces when units are open, click back to the HOME page and look for the sign up box. Current listings will be posted below:

Our units range from one bedroom units to four bedroom units. Each one has been renovated to provide quality living environments for the tenants. The staff regularly inspects and upgrades units to ensure quality living.

Property Management
Housing Nantucket operates with the institutional commitment that the key to sustainable affordable housing rests on well maintained properties and solid asset management. Recently, Housing Nantucket and Nantucket Education Trust Unitsthe Nantucket Education Trust (NET) agreed to have Housing Nantucket manage the twelve units of school staff housing owned by the NET.  This agreement will allow the NET to focus on public education issues, while Housing Nantucket will apply its existing knowledge of property management to ensure good living conditions. 

Resident Services
Residents sometimes need a little help to face life's challenges and enjoy successful housing experiences. Housing Nantucket provides resident services coordination through our rental properties. Examples of services we offer residents include job search, financial literacy, and assistance with finding and securing basic needs.

Donations of Houses or Materials
Housing Nantucket is always interested in your unwanted house. See our section on Housing Development for more information on house moves. If you have unwanted appliances, cabinets, or furnishings, you may contact the office to find out what our current needs might be. We cannot always accept donations of materials. If we cannot accept your donation, consider contacting the Nantucket Reuse eXchange.

Technical Assistance
If you are a landlord or renter and have questions about housing management, our staff will attempt to answer your questions or refer you to an expert.


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Housing Nantucket can be found at:

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Funding for Housing Nantucket comes from public and private grants in addition to generous donations from individual contributors.

Housing Nantucket is grateful to the Community Preservation Committee for providing funding for a variety of projects.