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Resources & Services
Housing Resource Center
Housing Nantucket has strived to be Nantucket's "Housing Resource Center." We aim to provide linkages to resources about housing and to other organizations which can help find housing services. Soon Housing Nantucket will have a physical location where it can provide these types of resources. Until then, Housing Nantucket has provided a virtual place to find information about Nantucket's housing organizations. These pages will be under development during the next few months.

40B Lottery Monitoring Services
Housing Nantucket has taken a role in serving as a monitor for the units created on Nantucket through the Chapter 40B process. We helped to certify eligible households and serve as the permanent affordability monitor for the units created in these projects.

Closing Cost Assistance Program
See our section under Homeownership.

Other Partnerships
Housing Nantucket is constantly seeking new partnerships with organizations and housing developers. If we can find a way to work together, please do not hesitate to call or email to discuss our partnership ability.


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Housing Nantucket can be found at:

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Funding for Housing Nantucket comes from public and private grants in addition to generous donations from individual contributors.

Housing Nantucket is grateful to the Community Preservation Committee for providing funding for a variety of projects.